The Brwn Community is an inclusive social movement on Instagram, dedicated to the South Asian community. The movement encourages followers to challenge social issues, feature new talent, network and collaborate.

Founder, Vandana Thanki first launched Brwn Grl. (@brwngrlofficial) in 2018. She wanted to provide South Asian women with a platform to share their stories and smaller influencer accounts to gain recognition. Some of the main topics discussed on the page are colourism, feminism, mental health and cultural pressures on women.

After it’s successful launch, Brwn Grl. received press coverage in The Guardian newspaper in May 2018. Journalist, Poorna Bell produced an article, discussing the growing number of Asian women facing colourism and prejudiced notions of beauty within society. This article featured various influencers, movements and organisations discussing their experience. Exposure from this article assisted in the page gaining rapid momentum in followers and engagement.

Thereafter, Vandana launched Brwn Men (@brwnmen), a platform for men to openly discuss topics such as, mental health, socio-economic struggles, toxic masculinity and more. In turn, this created a chain reaction to develop two more pages, The Brwn Creative (@thebrwncreative) for South Asian artists and The Brwn Spectrum (@thebrwnspectrum) for the LGBTQIA+ Community and everyone regardless of their gender identity.

Collectively, these four pages create The Brwn Community.


Vandana is a London based Digital Creator. She has worked in various industries such as Film and Television Production, Health and Safety, E-Learning, Social Mobility and Sales. She graduated from Brunel University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television Studies in 2016. Vandana has always been passionate about helping and uplifting others and wanted to use her social media platform and digital skills to support and empower her global community.

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