A Budding Doctor’s Love For Art

I’m Manish, a first year MBBS student. Growing up extremely introverted and closeted, drawing and painting has always excited me. I would doodle on the last page of my school notebooks – I still find myself doing it, at any chance I get.

Art works as therapy. Well, my artistic inspiration comes mostly from my own life. I think you can find a lot of inspiration and learn a lot from other artists on social media. Movies and music are also an interesting source of inspiration. Expressing my ideas on love, gender equality and pain through art has always been helpful for me.

The pandemic has forced us to find ways to keep ourselves purposeful by upskilling and adding new dimensions to our works. If you are into making art and it is the lack of resources that is holding back, digital art may be the best alternative.

I identified who I am. I deserve to be noticed. I deserve to get better. The human race is filled with passion and lust. And to coin terms like heterosexuality, homosexuality or even bisexuality makes no sense to me. You are human. You love who you love. That should be enough – No labels. No stigmas. Nothing. Just be to be. But life isn’t that kind. People will always find things to hate.

Begin loving yourself again, appreciating where you are, and rolling out the red carpet for what is about to come.

Author: Manish