The Breakfast Affair

The Breakfast Affair is a project I’ve been working on for a year. I’ve always seen a very similar narrative where western countries go for picnics, have a little Sunday brunch in a park or have a barbecue in the backyard where everyone help each other but it is not something very commonly seen in south asian cultures and hence, I wanted to take a surreal route while creating my visuals.

There is an immense love for where I come from and I am nothing but proud of it but no matter what, there are still households where women are oppressed, where there is a set pattern on what women should do and shouldn’t. Where the society judges a brown female for doing the right thing and we are all fighting that battle personally. So, when I was working on the breakfast affair all I wanted was to create a world where there is love for femininity, respect for different choices women make and a place where the concept of individuality is understood but still being rooted from where we come from.

As a woman living in India, I love my spicy food, I love my sarees and I love my culture hence, I never wanted to take that away from my narrative and having all that all I wish for it is to become better towards how we treat females. The breakfast affair is a south asian dream. It is set in the middle of a khet (field) which talks about the space and individuality we desire, with a large spread of indian breakfast from around the country suggesting the freedom of choice that I or any female for that matter would want to have and served to a female in a saree for once instead of being told to be in the kitchen.

The breakfast affair is for my desi women struggling everyday and I hope we have a world like this – Where the food is served for once than being told to be in the kitchen. 

Where we could enjoy space and there’s no one to tell us what to do. 

Where our different choices are accepted than being oppressed for it. 

A south Asian dream or desi drip in its actual form if you will. 

Author: Vriddhi Sawlani
Conceptualised & Shot: Vriddhi sawlani 
Model: Megha Sharma
Makeup & Hair: Takshita Malhotra
Assisted by: Bhumika Rathore