Intelligent By Comma Sounds & J Flames

Harshiv Parekh (Left) & Soham Bhatt (Right)

Intelligent is a collaboration between Producer/ DJ duo Comma Sounds and Multi genre music producer/ DJ/ Artist J-Flames. The song is the 2nd collaboration they have done together and is set to release on the 4th of February 2021. 

Intelligent is a grand and heavy hitting track with emotional orchestral strings and piano paired with booming heavy hitting 808’s and drums, all at a close to grime tempo of 135bpm. J-Flames lyrics match this vibe as he uses vivid imagery and word play to describe why he is here to stay despite the haters and will in fact thrive because he considers himself royalty. 

Comma Sounds is a producer/ DJ duo consisting of Harshiv Parekh and Soham Bhatt, both coming from Leicester they started creating online radio shows and performing DJ gigs throughout the Midlands and since 2020 have been carving their own path in the urban music scene releasing a plethora of original instrumentals and remixes and are now branching into collaborations with other artists and plan to release 6 singles with 6 different artists in 2021, Intelligent with J Flames being the first one. They are also library composers and produce music for licensing opportunities on movies, TV shows, video games and adverts. 

“Keep climbing that ladder, you guys are super talented and also good people”- J Flames 

“Very creative and always humble, you guys always see the talent in people even when they don’t see it themselves” – Nidhi Joshi

“Comma Sounds represent the next generation of Beat Makers. They are talented creatives and multi-facetted business men who know how to make things happen”- Jonny Amos, The SongLab 

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